16.5-in. arrayed diamond blades

Q-Drive 16.5-in. Hard-Brick and Hard Concrete blades incorporate the latest in diamond tool technology, bearing what product engineers describe as an ideal ratio of diamond to metal powder concentration. Optimized for strenuous work environments, the blades deliver faster and more consistent cutting speeds. When one row of diamonds begins to wear out, a second row behind it is ready to begin cutting.


Hard-Brick and Hard Concrete blades will be shown at Hardscape North America Booths 200014 and 4220D, October 16-19 in Louisville, Ky.

Manufacturer’s “Cool Cut Technology” is a proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type and flange thickness that cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement. Combined with the built-in vacuum on all saw models, it keeps the blade cool during cutting, further reducing the chance for warping and wandering. Most noticeably, the blade stays cool to the touch. Vacuum system reduces friction and heat as it removes cutting debris so the blade is not regrinding the same material. iQ Power Tools, Moreno Valley, Calif., 888/274-7744; www.iQPowerTools.com