Chryso Quad brings marginal fine aggregate into mix design realm

Sources: Chryso Group, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France; CP staff

The parent company of Texas-based Chryso Inc. has announced a range of admixture products and lab support services enabling concrete producers the option of using sands with low or high fines content, swelling clay deposits, or less than optimal shape. 

“Quad solutions enhance the quality of concrete featuring challenging sands, but also promote sustainable development and reduce costs by sourcing from local suppliers, streamlining the procurement process and lowering the carbon footprint,” Chryso Group notes. “The quality and availability of the aggregates, especially sand, is a major challenge for the construction industry, particularly quarry companies and ready-mix concrete professionals.”

Anchoring the Quad program are two special polymers stemming from a decade of research & development. CLEAR (Clay Enabling Admixture Response) technology targets excess fines and swelling clay content by helping to disperse binders and reduce viscosity. GRAFT (Gap GRAdation Fixing Technology) addresses low fines content and specific shape factors, while improving concrete mix cohesiveness and finishing properties.

Accompanying the launch is a Quad lab diagnostics tool for quickly characterizing material based on fineness modulus, type of sand and absorption properties. Chryso has also patented an in-situ CLEAR Test for quantifying a sample’s swelling clay content. After field testing and analyzing a sand sample, technical experts provide concrete producers a tailor-made Quad admixture solution, which can be subsequently tweaked to reflect changes in available resources.


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