GivenHansco maximizes production cycle control in latest online suite

Keystone Online Operations is the newest extension of GivenHansco’s advanced Keystone Online product family with which plant managers, sales teams, and owners can look at orders in ‘real-time’ to see where trucks stand. Retrieving load/batch information supports intelligent business decisions that can decrease operational costs and increase fleet efficiency.

GivenHansco programmers enable Keystone Online Operations users to build extensive dashboards for timely tracking of raw material, ready mixed concrete output, fleet status and order flow.

“Keystone Online Operations is the only industry specific online application that provides an advanced, flexible, finger-tip communication platform for maximum operations control, tracking, and time management fulfillment,” says GivenHansco Vice President Ron Wallace. “It delivers a new realm of streamlined control and logistics management for today’s ready-mix concrete operations professional.”

Designed in-house, Keystone Online Operations is comprised of “On-Demand” and “Key Performance Indicators.” The collection of online tools gives end users the power to monitor, manage, and optimize efficiency throughout their organizations, whether they are at their desk or in the field.

On-Demand is a versatile tablet or mobile device program that progressively allows users to view all orders for all plants—monitoring any day’s loads, tickets, batch weights, and truck locations. With one flexible, powerful platform, orders can be viewed by single or multi-location plants, salesperson, and customer by date range.

Key Performance Indicators is a graphical dashboard affording up to the minute view of productivity and efficiency using easy to understand charts and graphs. Dashboards can be customized to job roles so that plant managers can focus on production, sales managers on sales, and owners on profitability of essential performance modules including:

Actual Sales Widget


Sales can be immediately viewed by owners and authorized users for each plant from the previous day, month to date, and year to date. Other vital data is at users’ fingertips, including total yards or concrete sales, average selling price, yards per load, and average truck yards per day.
Average Minutes Per Load in Status

Essential for each status, shows how long each load is targeted versus the actual time taken. Ensures efficiency by monitoring status rates accurately.
Loads & Yards By Hour

Increases efficiency by showing how hourly volume of material plant and fleet are moving.
On Time By Status
Status i

Tracks efficiency and helps pinpoint problem areas so improvements can be made.
Material Required Per Hour

Critical for tracking cementitious material used throughout the day. Helps optimize the materials ordering process.
Time In Status vs. Target
Status ii

Shows targeted and actual times taken by status. Helps plan demand for the day.

In ready mixed concrete, optimizing the production and delivery cycle is critical for efficient operations and profitability. With Keystone Online, GivenHansco contends, vital operations personnel now have an immediate bird’s-eye view by simply choosing the desired dashboard operation they wish to monitor and manage.

Keystone Online Operations is a competitively priced addition to the integrated Keystone product family, and comprehensively backed by a customer service support system. The platform can be previewed this month at the World of Concrete 2019. — GivenHansco, Columbus, Ohio, 614/310-0060;

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