Concrete placing equipment


Company engineers its signature concrete transfer equipment to “pour both ways.” The 38-ft. and 52-ft. Mixveyor Concrete Conveyors for rear discharge mixer trucks have 15-in. belts; 20.5-ft. and 26-ft. conveying heights with 30-deg. incline; 85-yd./hour capacity; 300-deg. swivel range; and, weigh 3,400 lbs. and 4,520 lbs. The 36-ft. Front Discharge Mixveyor has a 15-in. belt; 16-ft. conveying height with 30-deg. incline; 78-yd./hour capacity; 220-deg. swivel range; and, weighs 2,535 lbs.

Strong and durable, Mixveyors’ high-tensile steel, center and side-mounted swing/swivel construction means precise placement, low maintenance and larger payloads. Product engineers cite among key features: advanced, fully-hydraulic design; vertically pivoting discharge hopper configured to remove and clean with ease; hose failure valves on all cylinders; and, a 900MHz remote control system with in-cab charging. Mixveyors assure reliability and flexibility in concrete delivery and placement, they add. — Atlas Polar Company Ltd., Ontario, 888/799-4422, 416/751-7740 ext. 360;

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Theam iii

Theam ii

The Crossveyor 30/42 (below) along with the TLD Series 6500, Theam USA’s most popular model.
Theam i

Company has 10 mixer truck-mounted conveyor models tailored to markets throughout North America. Each is equipped with small hand-held remote controls for variable belt speed, 0-9 ft./second, and 85-yd./hour discharge rate.

The Theam Standard series include the 42Steel, 42S/SL, 42Aluminum and 42 Ontario. All have 42-ft. horizontal and 25-ft. vertical reach, plus 320-degree operating rotation, but different configurations, material and belt support systems. Their three boom sections feather to increase placing range.

The Theam Telescopic Series, TLS and TLD, have a (S) single or (D) double telescoping section(s) to increase pouring range from any one point with their respective in or out ranges, 35 to 52 ft. and 35 to 60 ft. Outriggers stabilize a longer horizontal reach: 52 feet for the TLS, 60 feet for the TLD. The TLS is available in a detachable version, while a PreCaster model is built for mix delivery in manufactured-concrete operations. Rounding out the Theam offerings is the Crossveyor 30/42, equipped with a telescoping section but running as a freestanding unit.

Company cites truck-mounted conveyors’ popularity due to mix placing economy and versatility for performing in remote locations and sites with limited working space. In addition to rear discharge trucks, the conveyors also suit front discharge mixers, and can be deployed in conjunction with pumps to keep big pours on schedule. Theam USA, 207/725-5537;



T3D12 concrete conveyor with chute extension adding 3 feet to main conveyor’s 41-ft. placing capability.
316 a

T3D16 with 3.3-ft. chute extension to 53-ft. conveyor reach.
316 b

The T3D16 and T3D12 concrete conveyor models have respective conveying distances of 20 to 53 ft. and 16 to 41 ft.; 360-degree rotating chutes; 310-degree rotation capability; 14-in. belts; and, 92-yd./hour maximum discharge rate. The larger model covers a 33- x 49-ft. placing area without requiring mixer truck movement; is equipped with a 3D chute extension, adding 3.3 feet of reach or capable of rotating around a nearly 15-ft. circumference; and, can discharge at up to a 23 feet height. The T3D12 can cover a 39- x 28-ft. placing area without mixer truck movement, has a discharge height up to 18 feet, and is available with a 3D extension suited to shuttered wall pours plus chute extension adding just over 3 feet to main belt reach.

Both models are run with wireless remote controls and have hood designs enabling quick opening for cleaning, plus sliding systems to prevent concrete mix segregation. Among options for the T3D16 and T3D12 are high pressure washer, full proportional controls to increase placement precision, and high voltage power line detector. — Rotabelt USA, Milton, Pa.,