Tier 4 engine speeds, raises Tuckerbilt mix discharge

The new Tuckerbilt T-644 Concrete Transport Vehicle moves a 6-yd. payload 50 percent faster and 2 feet higher than previous models, owing to the JCB EcoMax 320/50704 Stage IV/Tier 4 engine supplied by Mastry Engine Center.


Tucker’s Machine & Steel Service chose the JCB engine because of its torque features; absence of a diesel particulate filter; and, placement at the rear of the machine, eliminating the need for a counterbalancing weight. The four-cylinder, 108-kW EcoMax diesel engine delivers 145 continuous bhp @ 2,200 rpm. Twin auxiliary power takeoffs deliver massive high torque to power the hydraulic pumps, even at lower rpm. The T-644’s 14-in. covered auger trough boasts infinitely adjustable speed for precise pouring of low-slump, standard or self-consolidating concrete mixes. The hopper has an integrated splash deflector and, for extended reaching capability, swings 90 degrees left or right on its centerless turntable.

A smart vehicle, the T-644 has CAN-based machine control technology with on board diagnostics; cameras and radar ensure ground crew safety. The enclosed climate-controlled cab is ergonomic for long days on the job. — Mastry Engine Center, St. Petersburg, Fla., 727/522-9471, www.mastry.com; Tucker’s Machine & Steel Service, www.tuckerbilt.com