Mobile-crane control

Company’s qSCALE maestro LMI upgrades the DS150G, DS350G/GW and legacy maestro systems, offering what programmers note is a flexible design that converts existing software without the need for re-calibration. It features a 4.3-in. color screen displaying actual and allowable mobile crane load, boom length, boom angle, and load radius; integrated light-bar and event recorder; and, the option of an external light-tower. With an IP 66/67 rating, the console can be mounted either inside or outside of the crane cab.

“The new platform is configured to use the original calibration data for fast and trouble free installation,” says Brian Considine of Skyazul, a Wika Mobile Control (WMC) dealer testing a qSCALE prototype on a Grove RT528C crane. “The qSCALE maestro further improves the user interface and functionality of the original systems. With the qSCALE maestro, we can offer customers event recording and optional CANbus based features such as an internal and external light bar. The open architecture of the platform provides opportunities for expandability that we didn’t have before.”

“Compared to the original maestro system, qSCALE was just as easy to install and the sensor alignment was almost identical in regards to time and ease,” adds Keith Laurel of Crane Warning Systems, a WMC dealer also testing the device on Grove machinery.

WMC provides monitoring, and control systems that meet OEM and aftermarket requirements in lifting applications. — Wika Mobile Control LP, 717/217-2255;