Mobile traffic event recorder

Equipped with new software, a high definition picture feed, plus advanced 4G mobile network connectivity and Wi-Fi, the MDR-500 Series helps fleet owners reduce risk and liability by logging traffic events triggering video capture from cab or exterior mounted cameras. Manufactured from robust aluminum casing, it features built-in audible buzzer to alert drivers to various alarms, such as video loss, and 10 diagnostic LEDs to show system status at a glance. Mirror and flip-view capabilities also mean images can be viewed from multiple angles.

A new 4G compatibility feature enables a stream of data to be downloaded remotely via the fastest mobile network. Vehicles can also be tracked in real time using GPS, providing immediate notification of any incident. Accessing the MDR files has been enhanced with an upgraded USB 3.0 port making download speeds up to 10 times faster than before. New dashboard features include the ability to pinpoint a vehicle’s location to an actual street address; an auto-logout feature for additional security; and, the opportunity to check for software updates using the MDR settings.

“Our latest MDR device captures real-time footage from up to eight vehicle-mounted cameras, providing instant access to incidents along with irrefutable proof when there are conflicting reports on who’s to blame—absolutely essential data when faced with false claims or crash-for-cash scams,” says Brigade Electronics’ Corey Heniser. “Installing or upgrading to the new 500 Series is a really straightforward and speedy process, so vehicle downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum.” — Brigade Electronics Inc., Portland, Ind., 260/766-4343;