Nano-scale mineral admixture, microfiber blend

Company bills Juno as a revolutionary alternative binder, based on advancements in mineralogy and nanotechnology, to improve the performance of concrete at the microscopic level. The proprietary mineral admixture is composed of matrix-toughening mechanisms induced by mix design, plus a microscopic matrix of fibers than can be customized to specific applications.


Juno can be used to partially substitute traditional binders in conventional concrete slabs, soil stabilization, mass pours, above-grade walls, grout, shotcrete and controlled density fill. In tests against plain control specimens, the admixture has imparted the greatest binder economy (> 30 percent) in mix designs for the latter three applications. In addition to conventional cement-based products, initial users have also demonstrated Juno’s capacity to bind crushed leftover or returned concrete as substitute to virgin rock rip-rap. Surface Tech LLC, San Diego, Calif., 619/880-0265;