Volumetric mixer truck operators have convincingly staked claim to residential, small order and department of transportation market segments. As Concrete Products shows here, truck manufacturers are helping fleets’ cause by tapping technology to increase production efficiency and quality control.


Company’s signature volumetric series, the Zim-Mixer, can be mounted on truck, trailer, skid or rail and custom designed to meet operator needs. The Zim-Mixer features the patented dual chain system, providing what company engineers note are the lowest maintenance costs in the volumetric industry, plus the ability to run material independently. Management underscores Zimmerman’s 50-plus years of serving the concrete industry “with innovation, world-wide leadership, quality equipment and superior customer service.” Zimmerman Industries Inc., Ephrata, Pa., 717/733-6166; www.zimmermanindustries.com

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Leading volumetric concrete mixer equipment manufacturer announces Aggregate, a new optional aluminum body. The design is 25 percent lighter than the industry standard bin and allows customers to carry more materials to the job site. In addition to weight characteristics, the Aggregate is corrosion resistant, which ultimately adds to operators’ productivity, efficiency and profits. Bay-lynx Manufacturing, Ancaster, Ontario, 888/337-3331, 905/304-3900; www.bay-lynx.com

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Cemen Tech

Engineers bill the next generation C Series as a technologically advanced volumetric mixer, built for multiple applications in 8- or 10-yd. configurations, each at up to 60 yd./hour output. Automated weighing and material transfer, along with one-button push and pour, are driven by an electronic control panel for quick-start production. Pre-programmed batching and production take the need out of having concrete experts in the field, as electronically stored mix design and related data allow for job and mixer analysis to continually improve productivity and lower costs.

In addition to C Series mixers, Cemen Tech’s mobile offerings include the MCD Series, in 2- to 12-yd. models; I Series models, with bolted versus welded construction, especially suited to global markets; and G Series Gunite models. Cemen Tech Inc., Indianola, Iowa, 800/247-2464, 515/961-7407; www.CemenTech.com

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Manufacturer is marking the 50th anniversary of its flagship model. Engineers bill the 2018 Reimer Mixer, equipped with new Cement Load Cell System, as their highest performance model to date. The system (left or right) dispenses cement by weight, which can be monitored and verified in real time, and is an option on all volumetric mixer models outfitted with the advanced Commander control package (left or right). The ability to provide ultra-accurate cement measurements with greater assurance and confidence, the company notes, positions Reimer Mixer operators to satisfy engineering requirements more easily than ever before.

The Commander precisely measures and records all mix components several times a second; affords operator total command of mix production with fully digital controls, all in one dashboard; and, ensures load-to-load consistency by connecting belt speed plus water and materials weighing and transfer, thereby ensuring slump and strength are on target. The Commander is a trade up to the company’s basic Ranger control, which features less automation and fewer programmable features in favor of a more straightforward, general purpose mixing system. 

The Reimer volumetric mixer series includes four models of 65 yd./hour capacity: P50 (7.5 yd.), P75 (shown here, 10 yd.) plus the P85 and P95 (12 yd.), bearing on three or four axles. The P95 is also available in a trailer configuration with forward work platform and three rear axles. — ProAll International Manufacturing Inc., Olds, Alberta, 403/335-9500; www.proallinc.com

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