Shell Lubricants rounds out new API service category offerings, adds DEF

Shell Lubricants has introduced Rotella T5 Ultra 10W-30 synthetic blend which meets the API FA-4 service category for 2017 (and beyond) diesel engines. The low viscosity oil has been formulated to provide better fuel economy, improved high and low temperature performance, and meets the requirements for many low emissions engines built beginning this year.



After the December 2016 launch of an American Petroleum Institute CJ-4 service category successor, Shell Lubricants has built a Rotella portfolio around the new CK-4 and FA-4 diesel engine oils, while packaging diesel exhaust fluid in a convenient size for trucks or smaller vehicles.

“T5 Ultra 10W-30 synthetic blend is designed to provide protection that adapts to driving conditions and is formulated to minimize oil consumption and protect exhaust catalysts and particulate filters,” says Shell Rotella Global Brand Manager Megan Pino. Backed by extensive testing, she adds, the heavy duty engine oil has been enhanced with synthetic base oils plus advanced additive technology to provide protection against wear, deposits and oil breakdown.

The oil also offers improved fuel economy performance versus a conventional SAE 15W-40; its exclusive low ash formulation helps protect the exhaust catalysts and particulate filters found on 2017 on-highway low emission vehicles. Rotella T5 Ultra 10W-30 engine oil contains Triple Protection Plus, a combination of advanced additive technology and synthetic base oils that helps to deliver equipment protection, long engine life and maintain viscosity control under high temperatures.

T6 Multi-Vehicle

A full synthetic oil, the new T6 Multi-Vehicle 5W-30 meets the API CK-4 specification for diesel engines and API SN specification for gasoline engines. The versatile oil provides a fuel economy benefit and suits Class 8 heavy-duty trucks, along with pickup trucks and vans.

Rotella T6 Multi-Vehicle 5W-30 has been extensively evaluated, Shell Lubricants engineers note, and exhibits excellent performance across API CK-4 and OEM tests, plus outstanding wear, oxidation and deposit control for diesel engines. Like the T5 Ultra 10W30, the T6 Multi-Vehicle bears Triple Protection Plus. The oil has demonstrated strong oxidation resistance in the new Volvo T-13 oxidation test, controlling harmful acid build up, preventing oil thickening and easily exceeding the API CK-4 limits for oxidation. Compared to prior service category offerings, the T6 Multi-Vehicle has better cold cranking properties and low temperature pumpability at -30˚C and -35˚C, respectively.


Shell Lubricants has strengthened its portfolio of products with the addition of a Rotella-branded, high-purity diesel exhaust fluid for use in most 2010 and later on-road diesel-powered trucks, cars and equipment with Tier 4 Selective Catalytic Reduction-equipped emissions systems.

“Rotella provides the operators of diesel-powered trucks and equipment with hard working performance,” notes Chris Guerrero, global heavy-duty diesel engine oil brand and marketing manager. “This expands the Rotella line of products that consumers know and trust, and it is a natural complement to our diesel engine oils.”

Rotella DEF conforms to manufacturing standards and certification requirements for API Certified Diesel Exhaust Fluid, and is available in 2.5-gal. containers to provide an optimal level for top up of many smaller DEF tanks and emergency filling of larger DEF tanks.