Besser loads 2018 Blockmakers Workshop series

Source: Besser Co., Alpena, Mich.

Besser has scheduled 11 Blockmakers Workshop sessions across 2018, including a new course on Servo Vibration/Main Drive technology; Advanced Concrete Masonry Technology, which debuted this year; and, Executive Session, a condensed version of primary courses, geared for upper management. Courses are conducted at the World Center for Concrete Technology, adjacent to Besser headquarters in northern Michigan. Registration is open for:

  • Product Handling & Curing, January 29-February 2; October 15-19
  • Electronic Controls, February 12-16
  • Concrete Masonry Technology, March 5-9; September 10-14
  • Vibrapac, March 12-16; October 8-12
  • Advanced Vibrapac, March 19-23
  • Advanced Servo Vibration/Servo Main Drive, March 27-29
  • Executive Session, July 17-19
  • Advanced Concrete Masonry Technology, September 17-21

“The need for hands-on training for members of our industry is critical,” says Besser Technical Service Representative Ron Scherer, workshop instructor. “Content is constantly updated to keep [courses] fresh and relevant, and networking with other producers is always helpful.”

Registration for 2018 Blockmakers Workshop courses can be obtained at or by fax, 989/341-3515.