Paver laying machine

Engineered with essential features and to attain a strong price/performance ratio, the new Optimas T22 features Paver-Grab Multi6 (six gripper arms, six cylinders) or Easy1 (two gripper arms, one cylinder) clamps. Weighing just over 2,400 lbs., the paver laying machine measures 6.5-ft. high, 4-ft. wide and 12-ft. long. It is equipped with one warning and three working (two front, one rear) lights; adjustable steering column and pedal; hand grip operation; hour and resettable work cycle counters; joystick, horn and radio; and, heated cabin.

 The Optimas T22 also features three-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine with electrical ventilation; noise-insulated, hydrostatic traction drive with one-pedal steering control; fully hydraulic, four-wheel turntable/articulated steering; rear suspension with independent pendulum wheel suspension; hydrostatic locking brake; and, a 24-liter diesel tank. — Optimas North American representative, Pathfinder Systems, Holland, Mich., 616/395-8447;