Automatic compression machine

With 250,000 lb./ft. capacity, the Accu-Tek Touch 250 Auto is fully compliant with ASTM C39 and AASHTO T22 concrete testing standards and delivered ready for 6- x 12-in. cylinder testing. A rapid-change platen system means that the operator can quickly and easily mount a wide range of optional accessories to the upper crosshead for cylinder, cube, and beam testing, including 2 in. and 4- x 8-in. specimens. The machine is also able to test mortar cubes and concrete beams per ASTM C109 and C78 methods.

“The new Accu-Tek Touch 250 Auto exemplifies benefits we are now able to deliver,” says ELE Managing Director Tony Power. “An intuitive touch-screen display improves the ease of use, and automation removes the potential for human error and inconsistencies between operators. In short, it helps our customers, and our customers’ customers, build confidence in concrete test results.”

Automatic sample loading is provided by a closed-loop, microprocessor controlled hydraulic system, with automatic stress calculation. All test results come complete with the machine serial number, and load vs. time is plotted in real-time, demonstrating full compliance with the testing standard. Providing full traceability, this data can be stored for later use or detailed analysis of concrete production. — ELE USA, Loveland, Colo., 800/323-1242,; ELE International Ltd., Bedfordshire, U.K.,