Portable mixing unit suits block fill, shotcrete production

Mason Mate is designed primarily for high-rise block fill jobs, along with concrete repair and mining or tunneling shotcrete applications. It features the Blastcrete D3522, 2-in. hydraulic squeeze pump plus high-shear continuous mixer for increased speed, shorter mixing cycle and up to 6-yd./hour output. The unit is capable of pumping 3/8-in. aggregate mixes at 450 psi. A 1,000-lb. capacity bag lifter is optional.

Rather than mixing material and water offsite, then transporting mixes with telehandlers to point of placement or application, the Mason Mate is able to perform the entire process from start to finish and requires just one operator. The unit saves time by running onsite and in close proximity to the mason, product engineers contend, while also eliminating the need for several pieces of large, expensive equipment, wheelbarrows and multiple-laborer “bucket brigades.”

The compact Mason Mate can be used in virtually any setting; fits in the back of a pickup truck or a freight elevator; and, can operate within an 8-ft. ceiling space. The design allows easy maneuverability with a pallet jack and placement with telescoping forklift or crane. To relieve pressure build-up clogs and eliminate potential damage to the pump, the D3522 can be run in both forward and reverse. Hydraulic controls for the pump, mixer, and remixer are located on the operator’s control dash.

The Mason Mate is designed for simplified maintenance and cleaning. The primary wear part, the rubber pumping tube, can be replaced on the jobsite in about 20 minutes. Using water and a sponge ball, the pump can be cleaned out in approximately five minutes.

A 29-hp Kubota water-cooled diesel engine is standard on the Mason Mate; a 35-hp Briggs &Stratton gasoline engine or 30-hp electric motor with starter and disconnect are also available. — Blastcrete Equipment Co., Anniston, Ala., 800/235-4867; www.blastcrete.com