Silo fluidizers

The 2-in. (50mm) diameter Mini Fluidizer disk fits in pipes, chambers, chutes and small hoppers to enhance powder and dry bulk material flow in pneumatic conveying systems. Compact size equips the Mini disk to fit curvatures as small as 4 in. In most all applications, the company’s Fluidizers prevent bridging, rat holing and material hang-ups.

4-in. Standard and 2-in. Mini Fluidizer disks.

The Mini Fluidizer’s aeration utilizes directional airflow along the wall of the chamber or pipe to loosen product and move it to the discharge point. Gentle vibration is provided at the outer edges of the disk to keep powders and bulk solids flowing. Because the disk seals tightly against the chamber or pipe wall, there is minimum backpressure and built-in airline plugging prevention. — Solimar Pneumatics, 800/233-7109;