Outrigger pads


Recessed Radius SafetyTech outrigger pads are billed as unbreakable due to their engineered thermoplastic construction. They are designed for out-and-down outriggers with round floats common in concrete pumping operations. A 0.25-in. recessed area helps keep the outrigger float positioned in the center of the outrigger pad. Shown here with the SafetyTech Recessed Radius outrigger pad, FiberMax Dunnage pads provide a lightweight and rigid foundation for outrigger-enabled equipment, including concrete pumping equipment and mobile cranes. FiberMax are unaffected by the elements or prolonged use; unlike wood, they won’t rot, delaminate, rust, decompose or absorb water. FiberMax Heavy Duty and Super Duty Dunnage pads are available in single or multi-unit configurations. A SafetyTech Recessed Radius outrigger pad used in combination with FiberMax Dunnage pads provides a rigid foundation. — Dica USA, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 800/610-3422; www.dicausa.com

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