Drone-enabled inventory management

Company’s Inventory Management Starter Pack, available on quarterly terms, offers a Stockpile Reports service phone/drone license, plus DJI Phantom 4 Pro craft and Apple iPhone 7. Construction materials and contractor customers use the drone and device to measure stockpiles from the air and ground.

“The imaging technologies brought by the Phantom 4 Pro and the iPhone 7 have become so good and so inexpensive,” says Stockpile Reports CEO David Boardman. “For the purposes of inventory management, the image capture discussion is drawing to a close—the obvious winner being DJI and Apple. The specs and the cost are almost a non-issue, freeing people to focus on solving real business problems.”

“We’re the only solution in the market that gives you the ability to measure stockpiles both from the air and ground, earning three patents in the process,” he adds. “We put this offer together to give companies the ability to get up and running with everything they need to be successful managing their inventory. Our solution is purely focused on automating the inventory process: measuring, review, dispute resolution, approval, and submitting to finance and audit.” Stockpile Reports LLC, Redmond, Wash., www.stockpilereports.com