Hard hat cradle design, adjustment mechanisms impart custom comfort

The North Zone features patented suspension, multiple adjustment points and a rear cradle geared to fit everyone’s comfort zone. Its ability to fit the vast majority of head sizes directly supports worker safety, product developers contend, as a comfortable hard hat will remain where it belongs.

“Poor fit and discomfort are the top complaints of hard hat wearers, according to extensive customer research we conducted throughout North America,” says Honeywell Industrial Safety Senior Marketing Manager Daniel Birch. “Finding a single hat that fits across the workforce’s wide variety of head shapes and sizes is a significant challenge for safety managers. Advanced features make [NorthZone] easy for nearly any worker to have a comfortable, personalized fit along with reliable impact protection.”

A custom fit is achieved by adjusting the headband for height; the macro size adjust headband allows selection of small, medium/large, or extra-large circumference, while the easy grip ratchet enables precise tensioning. The hat also features a top-of-head comfort pad and removable rear comfort cradle, which maximizes retention and eliminates the need to overtighten the suspension. Together, these features deliver what Honeywell describes as excellent balance—eliminating the discomfort, distraction and risk of an off-balance or top-heavy fit.

Available in 17 popular colors from major safety equipment distributors, the North Zone has four large areas for custom branding and images. Its removable, washable sweatband absorbs four times more liquid than previous models and evaporates sweat faster, resulting in improved worker temperature regulation. The hat is available in Quick-Fit and Ratchet suspension designs, which are compliant for forward and reverse donning. The North Zone HDPE shell incorporates standard accessory slots for use with cap-mounted earmuffs and/or face shields. Ideally suited for general use, the hard hat meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 2014 Type I, Class C, G and E as well as CSA Z94.1 2015 Type I, Class C, G and E safety standards. Honeywell Industrial Safety, 800/430-5490 (U.S.), 888/212-7233 (Canada); www.honeywellsafety.com