Retractable heavy-tool tether

The low profile of the new Gear Keeper RT3-5605 keeps stored tools close to the body and allows full accessibility when in use. Its retractor employs a low, 7-ounce force to avoid arm strain when extended, but strong enough to keep the line taught to avoid snagging or interference with work being performed. When the tool is retracted, lanyard exposure is minimized to avoid snagging.

Using a retractable tether for heavy hand tools is particularly important when working in close quarters or climbing, product engineers note. Like other Gear Keeper retractables, they add, the RT3-5605 is engineered so that the tool, application and recoil/retraction force are balanced.

The tether’s generous reach extends more than 55 inches. Strong, impact-absorbing Nylon webbing for up to 3.5-lb. tools does not require an additional shock-absorbing lanyard end. Tools are attached via a stainless steel, thumb-controlled, locking-gate carabiner. The RT3-5605 also reduces arm strain when working with heavier tools; the tether features a thumb-controlled gear lock to secure the tool at any extension length. Included with the tether is a lanyard loop strap that can adapt virtually any tool of appropriate weight to be securely cinched.

Tethers and accessories are available through, as is a 16-page “Safety Engineer’s Guide to Tool Tethering” for tools with and without attachment points plus related product information. Hammerhead Industries, Ventura, Calif., 888/588-9981;