RoMix optimizes dissolving agent dosage with timed, pre-set volume dispensing

58 RoMix 400The developer of Back-Set, an alternative to acid for cleaning hardened cement paste from concrete fleet and plant equipment, has added the Mega 360 Air Foamer Push Button Timed Unit. An air operated dispenser, it functions like the existing Mega 360 Foamer but allows operators to set a spray run time, eliminating excess Back-Set use. If an operator dials a two-minute cycle, for example, the cleaning foam flows for that interval upon the push of a button.

The newest Mega 360 is delivered ready to deploy at plant points accessible to compressed air source and GFCI power receptacle, and designed for use with RoMix bulk or tote tank vessels containing premixing concentrated or foaming agents. The Mega 360 is of all poly construction and equipped with controls to adjust foam consistency, 50-ft. discharge hose, plus tote or wall mount hardware.

The company’s signature compound, Back-Set molecularly breaks down the ionic bond in hydrated portland cement, completely dissolving and releasing hardened material from surfaces. Exposure time is proportional to hardened paste thickness. Free of muriatic, hydrochloric, hydroflouric, sulfuric or phosphoric acids, Back-Set has an active ingredient that occurs naturally in sugar cane syrup. It performs best when applied with one of the Mega Foam systems, which draw the dissolver directly from the shipping container through a hose and trigger gun wand. The system starts and stops on demand by opening and closing the trigger wand valve. — RoMix Chemical & Brush, Colleyville, Texas; 800/331-2243 or 817/685-0006;