Fassi boosts power-to-weight ratio on crane suiting three-axle truck spec

59 Fassii 330

59 Fassiii 400

The new crane has a maximum load moment of 53 tonne-metres and a maximum hydraulic outreach of 20.80 metres with all eight boom sections. Manual extensions enable ultimate 24.9-metre reach.

A continuous rotation crane with optional double motor reducer, the F545RA xe-dynamic is the final model in the manufacturer’s XE series, designed to complete the high capacity range between the F485RA xe-dynamic and the F560RA he-dynamic machines. The new model positions the company with a true 50-tonne/metre crane whose footprint is compact enough for installation on a three-axle chassis.

Against prior offerings in the class, the F545RA xe-dynamic affords a 10 percent increase in lifting capacity with just a 3 percent bump in weight. The power-to-weight ratio benefits from the outrigger spread having been increased to 7.8 metres, ensuring stability for challenging lifts. Machine footprint has increased by 85 mm, therefore maintaining the compact dimensions of the smaller F485RA.

As with all Fassi cranes, the new model has gone through a rigorous fatigue test of 200,000 working cycles—equivalent to 10 years of normal operations—to verify the durability of the design. The crane is offered in different versions with up to eight hydraulic extensions. To further increase the working area, various jib combinations are available. Standard components include FX500 control system, D850 distributor bank, Fassi RCH/RCS radio remote control, and FSC-S or H stability control. — Fassi Gru SpA, www.fassi.com; North American representatives, Fascan International, Baltimore, 410/388-9144, www.fascan.com; Strongco LP, Ontario, 905/335-3863, www.strongco.com