110-ton gantry tailored to bridge contract-rich Unistress

45 Shuttlelift 400Sturgeon Bay, Wis.-based Shuttlelift has addressed a need for mobile gantry cranes equal to loads approaching 100 tons, plus spreader weight. It developed a DB 110—double-beam model with a lifting capacity of 110 tons—noting that the inaugural model meets the unique needs of Unistress Corp. in Pittsfield, Mass.

The DB 110 joins one 70-ton Shuttlelift gantry crane, deployed in fall 2014, and two 50-ton models. Unistress needed greater capacity to accommodate new bridge contract work, its order log dominated by a package of 6,000 prestressed deck panels for the New NY Bridge (see this month’s cover feature, page XX). The June 2015 delivery schedule for the new model was aggressive but crucial to meeting deadlines for the 3.1-mile New NY Bridge deck construction schedule. Shuttlelift tested the new model at the factory in advance of timely delivery to Massachusetts.

The manufacturer’s double-beam, rubber-tired mobile gantry cranes were developed as cost-effective lifting solutions among those who lift heavy, bulky items from production to transport. The DB series include models that range from 30-ton to over 200-ton capacity with units delivered across the globe. Each is engineered to be a customized lifting solution that can address a customer’s material-handling challenges.

As part of engineering and fabrication, custom spreader assemblies, which provide the critical link between the gantry crane and the loads being lifted, a Shuttlelift team reviews all possible lifting scenarios. It designs the spreader assembly to have the versatility needed to meet specific lifting needs. —www.shuttlelift.com