Underwriter tracks prescription drug abuse among construction, manufacturing ranks

New reports from the Risk Control, Claim and Actuary unit of Chicago-based business insurance provider CNA examine growing prescription opioid abuse in the U.S. construction and manufacturing industries, where an estimated 15.1 percent and 6.5 percent of workers, respectively, have engaged in illicit drug use.

“Construction: Prescription Opioid Abuse” and ‘Manufacturing: Prescription Opioid Abuse” incorporate CNA claim data to provide employers risk management strategies. “The opioid abuse epidemic is taking a toll on many aspects of the U.S. economy, including businesses’ workers’ compensation losses,” says CNA Senior Vice President, Risk Control Bill Boyd. “The delay of returning injured employees to work can affect operations and, therefore, negatively impact a company’s bottom line. Opioid abuse is a real and emerging risk for businesses to consider, and through these Risk Outlook [reports], I hope our customers will learn solutions to avoid return-to-work pitfalls.”

“By partnering with leading construction and manufacturing associations, we have seen increased concern about prescription opioid abuse, as well as how it increases worker injuries and businesses’ losses,” adds Senior Vice President, Middle Market John Tatum. “Many of these associations are developing programs to educate their members about the issue in order to provide the tools, training and resources they need to address opioid abuse in their own workplaces.”

“Construction: Prescription Opioid Abuse” can be obtained here; “Manufacturing: Prescription Opioid Abuse” here. CNA will continue to release Risk Outlooks on emerging topics for key customer segments.