OSHA Effects Interim Confined Spaces in Construction Policy

In response to requests for additional time to train and acquire equipment necessary for compliance, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has postponed for 60 days a new Confined Spaces in Construction standard.

During temporary enforcement period through October 2, OSHA will not issue citations to employers who make good faith efforts to comply with the new standard. Employers must be in compliance with either the existing confined spaces standard or the new standard’s training requirements; those who fail to train employees consistent with either standard will be cited. Factors indicating good faith compliance efforts include scheduling employee training per new standard requirements; ordering the equipment necessary to comply with the new standard; and, taking alternative measures to educate and protect employees from confined space hazards.

OSHA issued the Confined Spaces in Construction final rule in May, noting how it provides construction workers protections similar to peers in manufacturing and general industry, with some differences tailored to project sites. The standard includes requirements to ensure multiple employers share vital safety information and continuously monitor hazards.