Cummins Emissions Solutions | EcoFit Single Module

The first of the company’s next generation of ultra-high efficiency aftertreatment systems is designed to be upwards of 60 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the EPA 2013 solution it succeeds. EcoFit Single Module’s compact size also enables better heat management and retention for improved fuel economy capability, Cummins engineers note, while a simple single-pass exhaust flow design delivers low back pressure.


Catalyst technology advances allow the diesel particulate filter to have a bigger ash capacity, affording increased time between maintenance events and limiting the need for operator intervention. The EcoFit UL2 Liquid-Only Urea Dosing System equips the selective catalytic reduction system to curtail NOx, and simplifies OEM chassis integration by eliminating the need for engine coolant lines to and from the diesel exhaust fluid injector. Operators will see more efficient urea atomization and minimized urea deposits, thus requiring fewer regeneration events.

Geared for medium- and heavy-duty engine vehicles, beginning with 2017 models, the EcoFit Single Module will meet forthcoming EPA GHG and fuel efficiency standards. “We believe [it] is a game changer in the commercial vehicle aftertreatment market,” says Cummins Global On-Highway Business General Manager John Carroll. “This product uses innovations in catalyst and urea dosing technologies unique to Cummins to deliver an ideal solution.” —;

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EcoFit Single Module, 2017