Stormwater management a core competency of Spancrete RePlenish

With the advent of public and private property owners’ voluntary or permit-driven measures to contain stormwater runoff or limit municipal sewer discharges, Spancrete has announced a pervious precast slab, fabricated with its signature, prestressed hollow core plank machinery. The Wisconsin producer cites a potential for the RePlenish product to revolutionize stormwater management in sidewalks, alleys and parking lots by reducing runoff and filtering captured flows.21 Spancrete 400

The patent-pending, multi-layered RePlenish pervious precast system allows rainwater to flow through its surface, reducing flooding issues and sewer backups.

Spancrete produces RePlenish under strict guidelines to ensure quality and performance. The system also undergoes rigorous third party environmental testing in order to prove it can excel in real-world applications. The design of RePlenish resists clogging and reduces maintenance. In contrast to conventional flatwork, the precast slabs can be used immediately after installation.