Essroc programs i.check app for concrete, masonry troubleshooting

As a leader in technical service, Essroc has developed a free app to provide a resource for engineers, architects, producers, and contractors to identify and improve basic defects. i.check is a user-friendly mobile app providing photos of common issues in concrete and masonry applications. Each photo is complemented with a definition, listing of potential causes, and detailed corrective actions to alleviate the problem.

From the app’s homepage, users can select Masonry Problems Identification, Concrete Surface Defects or General Troubleshooting Manual. There are nine problems listed in the masonry category; eight in the concrete category. The troubleshooting manual has problems listed under Plastic Concrete Issues and Hardened Concrete Issues. The manual section also provides users with Producer Checklists for production & maintenance, quality control, and pre-construction.

For example, efflorescence—listed under Masonry Problems Identification—has water penetration from top and sides of wall identified as the problem/cause. Suggestive action is to clean with stiff brush and mild cleaning agent. The prevention tip listed is to provide proper flashing and weep holes at bottom of the wall.

“The app visually demonstrates various concrete and masonry issues and provides technical instructions on how to resolve the concern,” says Dan Schaffer, Essroc’s senior director, marketing and technical services. “The app is a compilation of Essroc’s long-time commitment toward education and technical support of the cement, concrete and masonry markets.”

The i.check app is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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