New truck criteria accompanies revised NRMCA Plant Certification

Source: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Silver Spring, Md.; CP staff

A new NRMCA Plant Certification Check List, effective March 1, clarifies inspection and other requirements of its predecessor version. Truck certification, for one, will be valid for 12 months with credit given for those vehicles inspected in the last 60 days of the previous certification.

A transition period will see the old check list accepted through June 15. Approved inspectors have been instructed to update their approval status and obtain the revised check list after they have submitted their information for re-approval. Along with the new list is a revised Plant Inspector’s Guide, used as the basis for approving program inspectors and a reference for ready mixed producers with certification-candidate plants.

Currently approved inspectors can contact NRMCA Manager, Engineering and Operations Karen Bean, [email protected], to obtain re-approval, while copies of the revised Plant Inspector’s Guide are available from Manager, Customer Service Jacques Jenkins, [email protected]. Additional information on NRMCA Plant Certification can be obtained from Senior Vice President, Engineering Colin Lobo, [email protected].