Decorative flooring practitioners approach quality standards

Source: Decorative Surface Solution (DSS) Group LLC, Livermore, Calif.

Flooring and polished concrete industry veterans have launched DSS Group to connect premier suppliers and contractors across channels of the hard surfaces market, which includes pourable overlays, epoxies, resins and terrazzo. While some of the technologies are well established, their use in the flooring industry is relatively young.

Founders aim to bring consistency in product placement standards and maturity to the marketing of these solutions to a larger client base. “The traditional flooring market has long been a part of this collective buying and marketing strategy. Now is the right time to bring this next level of sophistication across our segments of the business,” says DSS Group President Curt Thompson, noting that his team has been actively developing the concrete floor polishing industry over the last 20 years.

“Concrete polishing and alternative decorative surfaces really took off in the late 90’s, and have seen tremendous momentum ever since. We are seeing strong double-digit growth in these alternative surfaces as our major commercial end users shy away from higher life cycle cost items such as resilient [flooring] and carpet,” adds group co-founder Mike Price. — Curt Thompson, 925/964-6377; [email protected]