Theft-preventing silo monitor

Company has upgraded its SiloWeigh II with a memory stick for data storage, allowing users to determine the weight of every delivery with an eye to theft detection. The readings history for all silos and tanks connected to the system is continually recorded on a standard USB stick, which can be transferred to a PC computer. Once recognized by the computer, the data can be imported into an Excel sheet, which automatically calculates the amount for every filling operation. After correction for any usage during the fill time, the result can be compared with delivery tickets. Although the weight recordings are not legally binding, they can be used to start a legal process or simply to discourage further fraud. INNOV-ScaleTron-400

The SiloWeigh silo and admix tank inventory system uses two sizes of touch screen to display the levels of up to 16 vessels as bar graphs, plus digital displays of weight in tons or volume in gallons. The color of the bar changes as alarm level is passed, giving instant visual indication of action to be taken. User-friendly menus allow changing alarm values as well as initial setup and calibration.

Scale-Tron’s Silex sensors bolt directly onto the legs of a silo to measure the weight of its contents. When installed on all four legs of a standard silo, the claimed accuracy is better than 2 percent; measurement is true weight, not a value derived from a volume calculation. Installation can be done in one day on most silos and climbing is not necessary. A pressure sensor for admixture tanks is installed in the outlet pipe to measure volume. Any mix of tanks and silos can be displayed on the SiloWeigh-II touch screen; other benefits include easy installation and setup, high accuracy, measurement of divided silos and low cost factor compared with either running out of material or overfilling.

Options include analog outputs for control systems and alarm relay outputs to sound horns, light warning lamps and activate pinch-off valves. Inputs from pressure switches on the silos can warn of the need to replace filters. — Scale-Tron, 800/632-7083;