Video surveillance

An HDTV pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) IP dome surveillance camera features long-range, 20x optical zoom lens (4.7 to 94 mm) and 12x digital zoom suited to large-scale security applications. It is outdoor-ready with an IP66 rating and built-in heater/cooler, so no expensive housing is required. When combined with 3-megapixel (1080p) resolution, the zooming capability empowers the IPS4204S camera to capture crisp, clear HDTV-quality 360-degree surveillance video of large outdoor areas, or to focus on small targets in extreme high detail, for example, a subject’s facial features or a license plate.

A weatherproof IP66-rating means the IPS4204S is protected against dust and rain, therefore qualifying it for use in a variety of demanding, outdoor conditions. The camera is capable of making complete 360-degree rotations, allowing users to pinpoint and follow specific activity which can then be examined in detail using its superior zoom features. Other image-enhancing features include: adaptive tone reproduction that adjusts image contrast; wide dynamic range, which uses different exposures to enable all objects in an image to be clearly seen; and, 3D noise reduction technology that further increases quality of an image by suppressing noise, and eliminating smear and pixelation in low light conditions. —Lilin North America, 888/287-8686;