49ers score big with low-carbon footprint facility

 49ers stadium

The San Francisco 49ers are kicking off the 2014-15 NFL season at a new sustainable stadium thanks in part to West Sacramento-based Clark Pacific as well as Central Concrete Supply Co., a subsidiary of U.S. Concrete. Levi’s Stadium, located in Santa Clara, Calif., is the first LEED Gold certified NFL stadium.

As noted by the San Francisco 49ers, “When the gates of Levi’s Stadium open in August 2014, the stadium will be the first United States professional football stadium to have achieved LEED Gold certification. Visitors and guests may view a live dashboard display featuring current energy measurements, water and air monitors, and other dynamic green features as the building operates daily.”

Clark Pacific fabricated and installed 2,184 precast components, including treads, risers, and steps for seating plus various stadium walls. The pieces ranged in size from 20- to 40-ft. long and weighed as much as 35,000 lb. The company’s Woodland plant, which is located 95 miles from the stadium, supplied the majority of the components, although some pieces were manufactured at its West Sacramento plant as well. The mix design for much of the precast included 15 percent fly ash.

Initiating its first placement in May 2012, San Jose-based Central Concrete supplied an estimated 80,000 yd. of ready mixed for the auger cast piles and the overall stadium structure, sidewalks and architectural concrete. Factoring significant volumes of supplementary cementitious materials, the mixes selected are estimated to have reduce the overall carbon footprint by 23 million pounds of carbon dioxide, as compared to concrete with portland cement-only binder.