Nano-silica technology paves way for smooth, monolithic RCC slabs

Sources: Solomon Colors Inc., Springfield, Ill.; CP staff

The prospect of power-troweled, roller compacted concrete with surface characteristics and performance potential approaching conventional flatwork has turned on demonstrations Solomon Colors initiated for its new RCC Surface Pro agent.

Solomon is promoting the nano-silica agent as a distributor for Lythic Solutions in Vancouver, Wash. The 10-year old company has parlayed surface finishing products in applications beyond its core concrete floor polishing market. RCC Surface Pro is modeled on Day1 Troweling Aid, a conventional-flatwork hardening agent Lythic unveiled at 2013 World of Concrete—in conjunction with the Solomon distribution agreement.

RCC Surface Pro and Day1 are colloidal silica or nano-silica admixtures, delivered as a concentrated liquid concrete admixture in standard sized containers. The nano designation stems from inordinately small gradation: Colloidal silica particles are about 1/1000 the size of ASTM C618 fly ash. Their surface area and chemical properties bring a concrete matrix rapid hardening and binding efficiency.

Diluted with water at a 6:1 ratio, RCC Surface Pro is generously applied to a top layer or lift shortly after a final drum roller pass, just ahead of power troweling. Through the troweling process, the agent imparts an optimally thin layer of paste, ready for smooth float or broom brush. Spearheading the RCC Surface Pro rollout is Solomon Director of Business Development–Decorative Business Unit John Anderson, 217/527-1146 or [email protected].