NRMCA certifies Cemex’s premier Environmental Product Declaration

Sources: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Silver Spring, Md.; CP staff

Cemex has published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for 12 mix designs produced at its Pier 92 plant in San Francisco, a market laden with green-building practitioners and clients who are stepping up supplier transparency requirements with the tightening of project rating systems, chief among them the EPD-incentivizing LEED v4.

Cemex enlisted NRMCA, an EPD Program Operator, to certify its declaration. Developing and publishing a declaration requires a rigorous plant and product life cycle assessment (LCA) process, NRMCA notes, coupled with an extensive review by LCA professionals. Berkeley, Calif.-based Climate Earth conducted the LCA on the 12 target concretes, adding Cemex to a California client roster that includes Central Concrete Supply, San Jose, and Angelus Block, Sun Valley—first movers in EPD covering ready mixed and concrete masonry units, respectively.

Climate Earth abided the North American Product Category Rule for Concrete developed by the University of Washington College of Built Environment-hosted Carbon Leadership Forum, relevant international standards, and the NRMCA EPD Program Instructions. The LCA and EPD were then independently verified by NSF International and PRé. The Cemex EPD joins companion documents of Central Concrete Supply and CeraTech USA on the NRMCA website. Additional EPD and document certification details can be obtained from NRMCA Senior Vice President, Sustainable Development Lionel Lemay, 847/918-7101; [email protected]