Wireless monitor flags impending hydraulic hose failure

Source: Eaton Hydraulics Business, Eden Prairie, Minn.

A breakthrough technology Eaton announced at ConExpo-Con/Agg and IFPE 2014 wirelessly monitors hydraulic hose assemblies and reports imminent failure in real time. The LifeSense system monitors up to 100 hoses and transmits data to a secure web portal where multiple users can check hydraulics’ operation status and set e-mail or text message alerts.

Eaton Hydraulics staff developed LifeSense in conjunction with Purdue University and the Purdue Research Foundation’s Office of Technology Commercialization to continuously track hydraulic hose health and notify users when an assembly approaches the end of its useful life. While some current products are designed to estimate or predict when a hose is going to fail through arithmetic calculations, Eaton officials note, LifeSense actually detects when a hose is nearing the end of its useful life. Prior to hose failure, an alert is automatically sent to the user so the assembly can be replaced to prevent downtime.

“The wireless LifeSense model provides users with an additional level of support to monitor hoses and avoid downtime,” says Eaton Product Marketing Manager Doug Jahnke. “Hydraulic hose failure is one of the largest causes of unplanned maintenance events, and the wireless system allows users to take an extra step to prevent downtime. Hose failures in the field present safety issues and environmental concerns, all of which have serious economic consequences.”

The LifeSense series includes widely used 8, 12 and 16 two-wire hose assemblies. The condition monitoring technology offers performance equal to industry standard 2SN pressure-rated hose and is certified to the same industry specifications as conventional hydraulic hose products. LifeSense is available for trial with factory-made assemblies including straight JIC swivel fittings.   —   952/937-9800; www.eaton.com/hydraulics