An environmentally friendly version of the company’s heritage release agent, Crete-Lease 880-VOC-Xtra is comprised of neutralized vegetable oils in mineral oil that contains no waxes, silicones, or carcinogens; it’s also solventless and non-toxic. Notably, this advanced composition exceeds Federal, OTC State, and California (250 g/L) VOC Regulations.

Crete-Lease 880-VOC-Xtra provides easy and stain-free clean stripping of forms and form liners from concrete. The end result mimics the surface of molds and site amenities with a superior finish, without bugholes. When applied properly, it eliminates concrete build-up and cuts labor costs of form cleaning time up to 70 percent. Regular use keeps forms clean when used on non-pourous forms and form liners made of plastic (ABS and PVC), elastomeric (urethane and silicone rubber), steel, high density plywood, and medium-density plywood overlays. It will not stain or stick from heat curing, and doesn’t interfere with adhesion of caulk, architectural coatings, paint, sealers, and curing compounds on cured concrete surfaces.

Crete-Lease 880-VOC-Xtra is available in 1- or 5-gal. containers, 55-gal. drums, or 275-gal. MegaPaks. — Cresset Chemical, 800/367-2020;