Shuttlelift machines 200-ton Double-Beam Gantry

Unveiled for a fall 2013 dealer meeting, the DB 200 is the largest rubber-tired, double-beam, fully traversable gantry crane the manufacturer has ever built: More than 54 feet tall, more than 68 feet wide and just under 44 feet long, it can handle loads that are up to 400,000 lb. The crane can lift a full-capacity load on one side or the other, not just on its centerline. The DB 200 underwent product testing during the dealer meeting, in advance of delivery to its new owner, a large Canadian power supplier.

Not only is the new DB 200 the largest crane of its type in the market, this particular model comes with an array of important features. One is all-wheel electronic steering; since all four wheels at all four corners of the crane are able to turn, the operator can employ several different modes of steering—2WS 90° Front, 2WS 90° Rear, Crab, Transverse and Coordinate—which means maximum flexibility, maneuverability and precision handling.

The machine has a wireless remote control, an option that improves visibility of the load by allowing the operator to be anywhere around the load or work being performed. Laid out in the same format as the cab controls, this feature enhances operational safety and efficiency. The crane also has an electronic load readout that provides indication in the cab of the load weight being lifted.

A special addition to the new DB 200 is the custom operator’s cab. This particular cab is elevated so the operator’s eye level, in a seated position, is 35½ feet from the ground for optimal viewing of the load. And, instead of the standard ladder, a series of stairs and platforms offers easy access to the cab. An additional safety aspect is found with the model’s proximity sensor and ultrasonic shutdown system, activated when an obstacle up to 19 feet from the machine is detected.

The new DB 200 has hoists mounted low for easy inspection and routine maintenance; and grease-able fittings on sheaves and pivot points that flush out contaminants, increasing the life of the bearings. —