Furniture artisan leans on carbon fiber, high performance mixes

James DeWulf continues to transform concrete into functional art. Widely recognized for his innovative work with the industrial material, DeWulf has revealed several new contemporary furniture pieces.

The Leaning Desk is a larger version of DeWulf’s popular Leaning Coffee Table, which was introduced last year and showcased concrete’s strength and grace. The desk takes this concept to a new level with larger dimensions (78 x 34 x 30 inches), bigger overhang, and significantly more strength without increasing the thickness of the oval top. Created in DeWulf’s precasting shop in Los Angeles, Calif., from his own proprietary blend of 7,000-psi carbon fiber reinforced concrete and additional stainless steel reinforcement, the desk is available in Natural Tone, Light Grey, Charcoal Grey, and White.

The construction, along with the angle, shape and heft of the 500-lb. support leg, gives the Leaning Desk the strength to hold a 175-lb. person standing at the end of the top. This is accomplished with no adhesives or fasteners of any kind; just superb fabrication and design to make everything fit together perfectly. “The desk surface is the expression of all of my concrete knowledge in strength and ductility,” states DeWulf.

Additionally, DeWulf has expanded the application of his gravity joint in two new unique concrete tables: the Fibonacci Locking Coffee Table and the Fibonacci Locking Console Table. Both tables feature precision-made tapered concrete supports that fit into and lock with the table top at precisely the same height to create a level surface. The table tops are fabricated with the Fibonacci sequence— a series of numbers where the preceding two numbers are added together to make the succeeding number (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8…)—scored deep into the surface for dramatic effect. “I use the Fibonacci sequence a lot in design to make pleasing proportions,” DeWulf explains. “This design puts the first few numbers into a grid. It’s used as my company logo and is also a tattoo on my left arm.”

The Fibonacci Locking Coffee Table and the Fibonacci Locking Console Table are available in Dark Grey, Light Grey, Natural Tone, and White. The dimensions of the coffee table are 48 x 48 x 18 inches with four gravity joints. The dimensions of the console table are 60 x 14 x 36 inches.

Interestingly, DeWulf is self-taught and does not have a background in concrete. The artist notes that he loved the material and started working with it. His first concrete projects were ashtrays then he quickly began making sinks and coffee tables. DeWulf adds, “It’s a liquid that turns into stone; what can you not make out of it?” He has developed his proprietary mix and process over an eight year period.