RFID tracking device

The ST-570-HZ is a powered-active RFID tracking device that wirelessly identifies individual equipment, allowing worksite managers to track the location and activity of all capital assets, automatically. The product works seamlessly with any OEM GoPod data capture hub to record machine transactions of all types such as vehicle identification, and the distribution of fuel and other service consumables. It also generates data that is critical for inventory allocation and management, and for maintenance and repair scheduling.

The device also incorporates two unique, new features that many customers said would be most valuable—the freedom from battery change-outs, and true “drive-by” data capture convenience. As a powered RFID device, the ST-570-HZ draws its energy from the individual machine it interfaces with (bulldozer or loader, etc.) making it battery-free. Drive-by data capture means the ST-570-HZ automatically identifies itself to nearby superintendent, fuel and/or service vehicles equipped with any type of GoPOD System.

Similar to the original OEM Cube, the ST-570-HZ was engineered as part of the Service Tracker and GoPODsystem to manage an entire fleet of construction, mining, rental or other equipment without ever interrupting normal equipment operation. It is fully scalable, and compatible with all equipment brands and models. The device is suitable for rugged, extended outdoor service, and has a working range of -40˚C to 70˚C. Additionally, it is sealed and tested for dust and water resistance to IP67.

The ST-570-HZ has 8K of program memory, and LED communications diagnostics. Information from the ST-570-HZ is immediately available; data uploads into any major back-office system and integrates seamlessly with accounting software. Reports are generated nightly and delivered via email and secure web reports. — OEM Data Delivery, www.oemdd.com