Fall protection system

The new LinkedPro fall prevention track is the first fall protection system on the market that can be used to attach multiple lines to a single anchor point, notes manufacturer XSPlatforms. The unique modular system makes it possible for several workers to safely pass each other on the same system or to create several routes from the same starting point.

One major advantage of LinkedPro is that users on the same system each have their own steel cable and can therefore move freely without interfering with one another. There is no longer a need to disconnect at dangerous or undesirable locations in order to pass each other. The system also offers safe passage to and along multiple routes. The LinkedPro steel cable system is available for roof, wall and ceiling tracks and has been developed to allow existing XSPlatforms steel cable tracks to be expanded to form a LinkedPro track.

Furthermore, anchor points for the LinkedPro system include “spacers” that keep the steel cables separated at the correct distance. The spacers are available in different colors and can be used to highlight the different steel cables or routes and prevent tripping hazards. — www.xsplatforms.com