Diamond Coring

Simple to understand, and easy to use, the DD 150-U Diamond Coring System allows the operator to drill by hand or with a core stand in wet or dry conditions. The new DD 150-U has a 6 in. capacity for drilling the most popular sizes of holes for anchoring, blind holes and through holes. This system can handle a variety of base materials from concrete and reinforced concrete to brick, concrete block and natural stone.

Performance is optimized in the wet drilling mode and is the ultimate coring system for rig-based drilling in concrete for pipe penetrations in plumbing, heating and air conditioning installations, for cable trays and ducts and for the installation of railings and barriers. For applications like setting large diameter anchors and reinforcing bars that require hand-guided wet drilling the DD 150 can get the job done quickly.

It can also be switched to dry drilling when necessary for hand guided, dry drilling applications such as drilling in masonry for pipe penetrations in plumbing, heating and air conditioning installations and chimney and stove vent installations. And, on dry applications where dust is a concern, the Hilti Dust Removal System may be used.

The DD 150-U features high motor performance and reliable three-speed gearing for optimum drilling speeds. It also has a 360-degree adjustable side handle with integrated dust and water management functions. — Hilti, Inc., www.us.hilti.com