HawkeyePedershaab ePak deploys latest in packerhead technology

HawkeyePedershaab’s newest packerhead machine series, ePak, incorporates the latest in drive and control technology, and mass produces high quality concrete pipe in 12- to 48-in. (300- to 1200-mm) diameter. With a small footprint, it can be installed in existing plants as a stand-alone machine or paired with automated handling technology.

The ePak features the eDrive electronic gearless drive; equipped with closed-loop controls that continuously provide feedback to the operating system, it provides more available torque under greater control to maximize productivity and pipe quality. The gearless eDrive results in less maintenance costs and higher uptime, note HawkeyePedershaab engineers, who also cite these additional machine features: more intense and efficient bell vibration system for denser pipe sockets, and a uniframe machine design for more rigidity, easier adjustment, and longer machine life.

The ePak allows users to incorporate the latest electronic and drive control technology into their packerhead production systems.   — www.hawkeye-pipe.com