Curing, sealing compound

Vocomp-20, a water-based acrylic curing and sealing compound, can be quickly and easily applied to simultaneously cure and/or seal new interior or exterior as well as vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces. The compound is formulated using special acrylic polymers in a true water-based carrier. Once properly applied, Vocomp-20 provides a durable film for efficient moisture retention.

While in the container, Vocomp-20 appears milky white but when first applied, leaves a bluish cast on the concrete for easy visual confirmation of coverage. Vocomp-20 dries clear to provide a transparent sheen finish. The sheen can be controlled by the number of coats applied. Furthermore, the product resists yellowing from ultraviolet exposure and will minimize hair-checking, premature cracking, dusting, and spalling.

Vocomp-20 is ideal for application on commercial and industrial floors, sidewalks, basement and garage floors, multi-level parking decks, patios, driveways, and parking areas. Two other formulations of Vocomp are also available—Vocomp-25 and Vocomp-30. Each formulation features increased levels of glossiness, protection, and shine.   — W.R. Meadows,