Aerated concrete trailer

Shown at World of Concrete 2012, Aercrete 625 is a mobile unit which blends foam concrete from sand, cement, water, Aercell A-7 and air directly at the building site. The machine continually mixes all ingredients mechanically, which allows for fresh concrete with the best properties. The process is controlled and supervised by a computer which measures all ingredients as stated on the various recipes. All important parameters are logged so that the recipe is followed to proper standards.

Foam concrete can be used in many different areas, for example civil engineering and mining. In this industry, it can be used for void filling; frost-insulating compensation of foundations for streets and roads; stabilizing easy filling for bridge supports; insulating and stabilizing underground pipes and heating systems; injecting and filling of docks and quays; and, filling abandoned tanks and pipe systems. In construction, the foam concrete can be used for roof decks; floor decks; fire protection for walls; ground insulation under the foundation for houses and industrial estates; concrete blocks; wall elements; and, foundations (slab-on-grade).

Aercrete FC (foam concrete) is a lightweight concrete which can produce densities from 25 up to 112 pcf. Foam concrete is made from cement, sand, water and foam. Aercrete FC’s portability allows it to mix the raw materials directly at the building site and contains its own concrete pump. To achieve the best results the company uses Aercell A-7, a foam agent of the highest quality which is based on a service active substance (surfactant). This makes the Aercrete FC highly suitable for building construction sites. Also used is Aercrete 625, a portable machine which can continuously produce foam concrete onsite. The machine blends and pumps fresh foam concrete directly in cast form. — [email protected]