Pre-lubricated coupling

Baldor Electric Co. recently introduced the Baldor·Dodge pre-lubricated GRID-LIGN coupling. The maintenance-free design of the coupling eliminates time and expense associated with preventive maintenance. The design is also environmentally friendly and features high-performance synthetic oil impregnated into a polymer shell that encapsulates the grid element. The polymer shell allows for efficient, long-lasting lubrication throughout the life of the coupling. Additionally, it acts as a reservoir for the oil that prevents contamination during installation and avoids the mess required with greasing a traditional grid design, according to the manufacturer.

Interchangeable with existing tapered-style grids, complete vertically or horizontally split covers, and half or full spaces, the product is easy to install. GRID-LIGN can be specified via the online Dodge coupling selection program, which gives customers the opportunity to customize the coupling selection to exact application needs. — Baldor Electric Co.,