Ultrasonic testing instrument

The new Pundit Lab+ instrument features comprehensive strength measurement through the SonReb (Sonic Rebound) method. By combining results of Schmidt/ Silverschmidt hammer measurements with Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity measurements, the accuracy of the estimation of the in situ compressive strength of concrete is increased. Other features include an integrated amplifier that removes the need for an external amplifier when using long cables or exponential transducers, a time stamp to track measurements, and the ability to view saved results directly on the screen without having to use a PC.

The transducer range has been improved and extended in the updated product to include shear wave transducers for testing Poisson’s ratio and modulus of elasticity, exponential transducers for rough surfaces, and higher frequency transducers for rock and ceramics testing. Moreover, the Windows-based Pundit Link software unlocks the full capabilities of the Pundit Lab+ and is included in the cost of the unit. Pundit Lab instruments comply with the following standards: ASTM C 597-02, EN12504-4, BS 1881 Part 203, ISO1920-7:2004, IS13311, CECS21. — Proceq, www.proceq.com