Dust Collector

Besser’s DCS-270 Shaker Baghouse, a new model in its line of dust collectors, handles 550 cfm of air volume with a 2.1 air-to-cloth ratio. The model features a 43.5-in.-diameter housing with a unique center column design. The shaker mechanism utilizes a maintenance-free, turbine vibrator that shakes the bags in an elliptic rotation around the collector’s center column. Bags in the DCS-270 undergo automatic cleaning cycles at pre-set time intervals based on production. Consistently timed cleaning cycles controlled by programmable logic circuitry extends bag life and reduces maintenance costs, according to the manufacturer.

The product’s shell can be made of a standard industrial enamel coating or of a stainless skin. It comes standard with full access doors to service the bags and shaker mechanism. Moreover, a unique automatic tension release system releases all the bags at once allowing slack in the bags for a quick and tool-free change out. The unit’s overall height is less than 6 ft. allowing for easy access to the whole dust collector. A low amp, 120-volt supply and a 100-psi air feed is all that is required for operation. — Besser Company, www.besser.com