Void Former

The single-use void former was developed by Dayton Superior as a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to the standard urethane void former. The new product uses standard lifting hardware and is available for both 0.444-in. and 0.671-in. P75 utility anchors, allowing the company to meet nearly all precaster needs. It can be used in both utility and architectural precast projects, and may also contribute to LEED credits.

An additional benefit of the single-use void former is the easy-to-nail assembly. Precasters are able to see a significant reduction in form repair costs—up to $100 per form—due to the elimination of drilled holes. Moreover, the single use void former is comprised of high-density polyethylene plastic. By using the material, there is a savings of nearly $18 in replacement costs for the product when compared to a urethane void former. — Dayton Superior, www.daytonsuperior.com