Concrete Equipment & Products 1, May 2010

BRICK, MORTAR SAW The new AS170 brick and mortar modelfeatures patented Allsaw technology to offer improved precision, accuracy and control, plus safety,


The new AS170 brick and mortar modelfeatures patented Allsaw technology to offer improved precision, accuracy and control, plus safety, the manufacturer affirms. Clear visibility and the capability to accurately cut square and deep reportedly are provided by the orbital cutting motion of two forward-facing blades that combine to perform both a hammering and a cutting action.

The 9.5-lb. AS170 saw has a 43/4-in. cutting depth and a 1/4-in. cutting width powered by a heavy-duty, dust-resistant 13-amp motor. Additionally, the AS170 generates little flydust, protecting the operator and creating a cleaner and safer environment. Besides brick and mortar, the saw cuts fiber cement, fast block, soft sandstone, natural limestone, softer stone, and hardwood, chip or plywood, as well as foam, PVC, acrylic and fiberglass sheet. Arbortech


The VB Powered Lifter-Tilter is a hoist-operated vacuum lifter featuring high air flow and pneumatic-powered tilting for handling textured, semiporous materials. Fully integrated controls for the variable-speed hoist, vacuum attach and release, coupled with the pneumatic tilter achieve holding power without drift, the manufacturer affirms.

In capacities up to 500 lb., units can be ordered with a selection of vacuum pumps Û up to 8.5 hp and 225 cfm at 18-in. Hg Û plus suction pads to match load surface texture and porosity. The lifter-tilter is available with vacuum-pad attachments (including foam pads up to 20- _ 25-in.) sized to the application. Anver Corp.


Providing the next level of safety and reliability for demanding industrial applications, the manufacturer contends, the new LRC- M1 wireless control for electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes manages up to four motions with two ergonomic, multi-axis joystick controllers. The trolley/hoist selector, two aux push buttons and toggles are mounted on an impact-resistant Lexan housing. EOT cranes currently using remote controls can be easily standardized to the LRC-M1, product engineers affirm.

In addition, as part of the new CattronControl product series, the LRC-M1 wireless system uses the company’s external TransKey configuration, allowing facilities to minimize spares and transfer keys to other controllers for streamlined workflow. Cattron Group


Introduced for air suspensions in 2005, Smart Scale wireless onboard scale technology now has been applied to trucks, tractors, and trailers with mechanical-spring suspensions, the company announces. Smart Scale for mechanical suspensions includes three components: (1) an axle-mounted load sensor, which measures subtle changes in axle deflection; (2) a low-powered radio transmitter that receives data from the sensor and relays it up to 500 feet to a (3) handheld wireless receiver, providing weight calculation reportedly accurate to within 1 percent of certified-scale measurements. Manufacturer-cited benefits include use of AA batteries for power, so no electricity is required from a truck or tractor. Additionally, one handheld receiver can monitor both mechanical spring and air-ride sensors on the same vehicle or a combination, suitable for fleets that interchange equipment with air-ride and mechanical spring suspensions.

Smart Scale is designed for haulers of aggregates, bulk materials and general freight. The low-powered RF signal is intrinsically safe, system developers note, and the wireless feature is especially useful for drivers who load their own vehicle and want to verify and fine-tune distribution of the payload. TruckWeight