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The Raychem QuickNet Electric Heated Floor System for ceramic tile and natural stone installations consists of a low-profile, 3/16-in. heating mat and a programmable thermostat


The Raychem QuickNet Electric Heated Floor System for ceramic tile and natural stone installations consists of a low-profile, 3/16-in. heating mat and a programmable thermostat. The heating mat contains an impact-resistant heating cable on an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh that permits simple roll-out installation without the need for heating cable spacing. The QuickStat thermostat features a floor temperature sensor that automatically switches the system ÎonÌ or ÎoffÌ to ensure a comfortable floor. The system can maintain floor temperatures up to 85_F and features a built-in ground fault circuit interrupter for safety.

Besides quicker, easier and more affordable installation, the distributor notes, QuickNet provides targeted, uniform heat distribution that can help lower heating bills. It also radiates the heat for a longer period of time than a forced air system. Moreover, radiant heating is more efficient than baseboard or forced-air heating systems because no energy is lost through heating ducts; and, it is quieter and cleaner than forced air systems.

The 120-volt QuickNet system is available in 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-, and 50-sq.-ft. sizes. All mats are 20 inches wide. The system is compatible with all standard subfloor materials, including ProSpec underlayments, thin set mortars and grouts. Bonsal American, Inc., ProSpec brand


Floor-Nu Penetrating Sealer is a two-component (1A:1B) clear epoxy for penetrating and sealing concrete or masonry surfaces against the effects of moisture, freeze/thaw cycles, salts, oils and chemicals. According to the manufacturer, the sealant locks in loose aggregate on the surface and forms a hard, impenetrable subsurface. Designed mainly for use on concrete, it is a clear, high-solids (48 percent by volume) coating possessing a water-thin viscosity, allowing it to penetrate concrete or masonry surface pores up to ∫-in.
Chemline, Steelcote div.


BODAS-service comprises a complete package for diagnostics and maintenance of mobile equipment, as well as controller setup and configuration. The Windows-based application includes a flash tool that integrates all service-specific software functions into a single user interface for fast and intuitive operation, product developers note. Thus, the diagnostic and maintenance function provides access to all parameters and process variables via integrated user interface for easy editing.

Any errors detected in the electronic system by the controller are communicated in plain text so technicians can address malfunctions. Graphic display of process variables, both instantaneously and as a function of time, can be programmed; and, the software also permits logging of data.

Further simplifying diagnostics, the System Scan queries all controllers connected to the diagnostic computer via CAN bus and RS232, displaying them on the screen to provide an overview. Multiple controllers thereby can be diagnosed simultaneously, the company affirms, saving time and offering more flexibility in mobile use.

Another BODAS-service function is a configurator used to create setup and diagnostic software for Rexroth controllers, using either BODAS-design or C programming language. It defines parameters, process variables, and error messages to be displayed (modifiable later with the BODAS-service diagnostic function) and includes the ability to provide authorization or lock-out levels for viewing, engineering or service.

Replacing the earlier BODEM, BODAS-service is based on international communication standards for RS232 and CAN interfaces (Unified Diagnostic Services [UDS] and Key Word Protocol [KWP] 2000, two internationally standardized communication protocols used in automotive electronics). Compatibility with current and future controller generations is thus assured. Bosch Rexroth Corp.


In compliance with OSHA regulations stipulating that splash goggles must be used during any application involving risk of liquid splash, the company introduces Wheelz safety eyewear as an alternative to big, bulky, and uncomfortable traditional goggles. Part safety glasses and part safety goggle, Wheelz eyewear reportedly combines sport styling with maximum splash and impact protection. It features a compact, lightweight frame constructed of a soft, flexible material for all-day comfort; and, an adjustable, elastic head strap ensures a safe, snug fit, the manufacturer affirms.

Wheelz eyewear especially suits light manufacturing and industrial applications. To help maintain clear vision at all times, the goggles feature a patented Whirlwind ventilation system, which minimizes fogging by circulating air through the optical chamber. Ten conical air chambers line the frame’s brow area, and secondary air enters the goggle through 10 additional ventilation ports on the frame’s underside, creating a strong whirlwind of air that circulates through the inner frame.

Wheelz are available in a variety of one-piece lens options: clear, clear anti-fog, gray, gray anti-fog, silver mirror, silver mirror anti-fog, blue mirror, blue mirror anti-fog, and dark-green 3.0 or 5.0 IR filter shades for light welding applications. A foam insert for added comfort and protection is also available on the frame with clear anti-fog and gray anti-fog lenses. Wheelz eyewear meets or exceeds the ANSI Z87.1+ standard and offers 99.9 percent UVA and UVB protection. Gateway Safety, Inc.


The company’s 2008/2009 general catalog presents a full line of cordless and corded power tools, accessories and abrasives. Added to this year’s offerings is a line of upgraded small-angle grinders featuring improved performance and longevity, the manufacturer notes, plus advanced ergonomic features, such as two comfort zones for better grip and a racket grip for increased control. The latest catalog also highlights two new SDS-Max Rotary Hammers, 1Ê-in. and 2-in. models, equipped with MVT anti-vibration side handles, as well as two SDS-Max Demolition Hammers that allow 12 or 16 chisel position settings with D support handles. Moreover, specification information is provided for all the manufacturer’s drills, screwdrivers, rotary hammers, bench top woodworking tools, saws, sanders, grinders, abrasives, and accessories. An updated list of company-authorized service centers and a comprehensive parts list are also included. A copy of the catalog can be obtained at the manufacturer’s web site. Metabo Corp.


The 20-page, updated Global Ride Solutions brochure showcases a full range of products for the worldwide commercial transportation industry, providing an overview of offerings that suit North American heavy-duty truck and trailer manufacturers and users. The company’s global product line is separated into sections, including On-highway Û Truck and Trailer, Vocational and Heavy-haul Û Truck and Trailer, Lift Axle Systems, Medium-duty, Bus, RV/Motorhome, Bumper and Trim, Trailer Û Features and Options, Truck Û Features and Aftermarket.

The ÎOn-highwayÌ section for trucks features Airtek, reportedly the industry’s first successful front air suspension and steer axle; new Softek with monoleaf spring; and, HTB, touted as the lightest-in-class, nontorque reactive rear air suspension. The ÎVocational and Heavy-haul Û TruckÌ section features Primaax air suspension for heavy-haul, construction, refuse and mixer trucks, plus Haulmaax heavy-duty rubber suspension for construction, refuse and mixer applications. In the ÎVocational and Heavy-haul Û TrailerÌ section, the new Quaantum family of top-mount and low-ride/liftable primary trailer systems is detailed with Intraax, together covering 20,000- to 30,000-lb.-capacity configurations.

ÎLift Axle Systems Û Truck/TrailerÌ covers the Composilite family of steerable and fixed lift axle systems, along with the manufacturer’s full line of auxiliary axle systems. A ÎBumper and TrimÌ section features the Aero Bright bumper, a new chromelike, nonmetal product, as well as aluminum, stainless steel, and other nonmetal items comprising grill surrounds, sunvisors and bezels. Highlighting the section on ÎTrailer Û Features and OptionsÌ is the company’s nonintegrated axle line, Tiremaax automatic tire inflation systems, trailer air disc, and extended-service foundation brakes. The publication can be downloaded in PDF format at the company’s web site. Hendrickson


The non-volatile organic compound R-97 provides what product developers contend is an environmentally-safe, and worker-friendly solution for protecting all porous masonry surfaces from water penetration. R-97 is formulated to create a long-lasting coating that changes the capillary force of the pores in masonry from positive to negative. It can be applied three days (as opposed to 28 days) after new work on a building’s surface is complete. R-97 is non-flammable, odorless, and can be applied in a single pass. Cathedral Stone


Designed for ultra-high power electronic applications in the construction industry, the 12V DC 200 Amp Electronic Relay [part no. 48520] reportedly protects motors and other loads from damage due to overcurrent and overheating. It is fully-sealed and, thus, suitable for severe environments conducive to corrosion and vibration, as well as subject to temperature and humidity extremes. Additionally, the relay can be used in hard-to-access locations and labor-intensive installations. The 200 Amp Electronic relay reduces downtime caused by repeated replacement of conventional solenoids, while its solid-state design eliminates contact wear and extends service life to 1 million cycles, the manufacturer notes. Cole Hersee Co.


The New Stock Products 501 Catalog features Baldor Reliance stock electric motors and drive products available since the company’s acquisition of Reliance Electric. The 580-page catalog details 10,000-plus Baldor Reliance motor ratings in types that include premium efficiency, severe-duty, explosion-proof, washdown-duty, inverter/vector, brake, farm-duty and DC. Motor horsepowers range from 1/50 to 1,500 hp. Drive products, including the new V*S drives, range from 1 through 800 hp, and Micro Drives span _ through 3 hp.

Other products mentioned in the new 501 include controls, gearmotors and gear products, motor accessories, grinders and generators. A Mod Express section explains over 100 common modifications that can easily and quickly be made before shipment to customize your motor. The new catalog also provides a motor cross reference and index, warranty and sales policy information, plus a list of Baldor sales offices. It is available in print or as a PDF file. Baldor


The company’s new line of six compact wheel loaders includes four articulated units and two all-wheel-steer models, reportedly positioned as alternatives to skid loaders in landscape, rental and construction markets. According to the manufacturer, the new compact wheel loaders can perform the same tasks as a higher powered skid loader while delivering up to 30 percent in fuel savings.

Included in the new line is the WL 18, a unit of 1.8 metric-tons operating weight and power to lift 1,640 lb. at full articulation with a standard 0.26-yd. bucket. Featuring an ROPS or canopy work platform and a three-cylinder Perkins diesel engine that delivers 25 hp at 2,800 rpms, it can travel at speeds up to 9.5 mph.

Also included in the new line is the 2.5-metric-ton WL 25, featuring a fully articulated tipping capacity of 2,950-plus lb. with a standard 0.46-yd. bucket. The WL 25 includes a cab-sheltered work platform; and, its articulated steering provides maneuverability with power from a four-cylinder Perkins diesel that delivers 33 hp at 2,800 rpms.

The 3.0-metric-ton WL 30 offers a straight load capacity of 4,437 lb. and a fully articulated tipping capacity of 3,647 lb. when using a standard 0.5-yd. bucket. It is powered by a four-cylinder, 48-hp Perkins diesel. As with all four compact articulated wheel loaders, the new WL30 features a side-tilting operator’s platform that provides easy access to the engine and other components.

Rounding out the new articulated line of compact wheel loaders is the 5.0-metric-ton WL 50, offering a straight load capacity of 6,870 lb. and fully articulated tipping capacity of 5,608 lb. using a standard 1.0 yd. bucket. The machine is powered by a four-cylinder, 75-hp Deutz diesel engine.

Among the company’s new all-wheel-steer compact loaders is the 280, a 3.2-metric-ton machine powered by a 49-hp Yanmar diesel engine. A super-compact unit that suits tight jobsites, the 280 offers a consistent 4,409-lb. tipping capacity using a standard 0.85-yd. bucket.

The most powerful model in the company’s line of all-wheel-steer compact loaders is the new 850. At 4.5 metric-tons operating weight, it offers a 7,055-lb. tipping capacity, even at full turn, with a 1.1-yd. standard bucket; and, a 66-hp Deutz diesel engine ensures high output. According to the manufacturer, The 850 has power and capacity to do the heavy lifting without sacrificing maneuverability. Wacker Corp.


All Erection & Crane Rental Corp.’s purchase at ConExpo 2008 of Manitowoc’s new 225-ton Grove GMK5225 fortifies its fleet of 200- to 250-ton range all-terrain cranes. In addition, multiple orders were placed by the rental service for the new five-axle, 115-ton GMK5115, also on display at the show.

The GMK5225 has a 210-ft. boom length Û reaching tip heights up to 328 ft. with jib extensions Û and features an Allison transmission and Cummins engine. The GMK5115 reportedly provides sufficient reach to erect a tower crane and offers the strongest load chart in its class. Û


A Bonsal American (division of Oldcastle APG) brand, ProSpec products Û said by the company to be professionally specified for concrete construction, restoration and repair, plus tile and stone installation Û now potentially contribute to a project’s U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. Depending on the selected product, customers may qualify for as many as five LEED points.

Credits are awarded for ÎgreenÌ impact within two broad categories: (a) indoor environmental quality, focusing on low-emission materials that include adhesives, sealants, coatings and composites; and, (b) materials and resources, centering on post-consumer recycled resources and regional materials produced within a 500-mile radius of the sales center. Accordingly, as a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, ProSpec is committed to promoting sustainability by minimizing waste, following energy conservation guidelines, incorporating recycled content into finished goods, locating production facilities in proximity to customers, and providing workplace training to ensure a safe, accident-free job site. Û


The Bobcat S70, replacing model 463, is the smallest model in the company’s line of skid-steer loaders. At 71.4 inches high, 35.4 inches wide and 75.5 inches long (without an attachment), it especially suits maneuvering at tight job sites, the manufacturer affirms, whether passing through gates on landscape sites or driving through narrow side-yards on a construction job.

The S70 has a 700-lb. rated operating capacity and features a 23.5-hp diesel engine powering a fully hydrostatic, four-wheel drive system with a travel speed of 6.1 miles per hour. Its 2,845-lb. operating weight is also easy to transport.

Enhancing the performance of the 463, the S70 offers an updated engine mount, hydrostatic pump centering and belt drive system. The new engine mount reportedly reduces vibration for greater operator comfort. The hydrostatic pump centering, based on a similar setup in Bobcat mini track loaders, uses a tension spring instead of a torsion spring to reduce maintenance and downtime, product engineers note. And, a micro, serpentine-style V belt incorporated in the new belt tensioner system maximizes durability and uptime, they emphasize.

Additionally, indicator lights for the Bobcat Interlock Control System (BICS) have been moved to the right-hand instrument panel. BICS requires that the operator be seated in the loader with the seat bar down and the engine running before the hydraulic lift, tilt and the traction drive system can be operated. Auxiliary hydraulics also will deactivate when the operator raises the seat bar.

The S70 includes the Bob-Tach attachment system and a 14-pin attachment control kit. A total of 35 attachments can be used on the loader for a wide range of applications.

The S70’s transversely mounted engine and tip-up cab provide easier access when the machine needs to be serviced. Moreover, the center-mounted, maintenance-free chaincase allows the S70 to travel through deep mud and other areas more easily, owing to its keel-shaped belly pan. Axle housings are fixed and welded to the chaincase, eliminating maintenance related to tightening bolts or other chain adjustments. Bobcat Co.


Ceme-Tube LLC’s new product is designed to replace cardboard forming tubes. Besides a standard model, versions of the formwork have been developed specifically to construct cast-in-place bollards and light-pole bases in parking lots. For both Bollard and Light Pole models, the standard black Ceme-Tube must be used below grade to provide deeper footings and stability.

The Standard Ceme-Tube, made from partially recycled HDPE plastic, is available in 8-, 10-, 12-, 18-, 24-, and 30-in. diameters. It can be installed, completely backfilled, and filled with concrete at any future date. All Ceme-Tubes are four feet long, but an integral collar on one end permits stacking to produce 20-ft.-tall piers in one pour (or 12-ft.-tall structures for the 30-in. model). The finished pier is round, smooth, consistent in diameter, and of architectural grade for its entire length. An optional domed cap is available in all sizes to keep rain and dirt out of the opening prior to pouring concrete.

The Bollard Ceme-Tube for installation of cast-in-place bollards is an 8- or 12-in. standard Ceme-Tube molded in night-reflective, caution-yellow HDPE plastic. A strong UV inhibitor prevents fading. After setting rebar and filling the tube with mix, installation is complete. Product engineers note that the 8-in. Ceme-Tube Bollard filled with concrete and four pieces of Ê-in. rebar is equal in strength to a concrete-filled, 5-in. schedule 40 steel pipe; and, the 12-in. form filled with concrete and six pieces of Ê-in. rebar equals the strength of a concrete-filled, 8-in. schedule 40 steel pipe. Moreover, the inventor adds, the HDPE form entails a quarter of the cost of using steel pipe and will not rust.

For light-pole footings, Ceme-Tube offers specially designed 18-, 24-, and 30-in.-diameter models in reflective, nonfading caution-yellow. The top perimeter has an integral radius designed for smooth transition of formwork sides to the top surface; and, a 17-in.-diameter opening at the top facilitates pouring, finishing and light-pole installation (14-in. hole on the 18-in. model). The Light Pole Ceme-Tube remains in place, saving time and labor on stripping, painting, and concrete finishing, the product developer emphasizes. Û